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Resolving Your Traffic Violation

Traffic tickets can have a significant impact on your life. Even though many traffic violations may seem minor, it is important to understand how your driving privileges will be affected. At Thigpen & Jenkins, L.L.P., our attorneys can guide you through the entire process.

Minimizing The Impact On Your Driving Privileges

Our law firm represents individuals in Moore County and throughout North Carolina facing all types of traffic violations, including speeding tickets, reckless driving charges and other traffic violations.

We work hard to minimize the impact on your driver’s license and car insurance. Violations can result in fines, license suspension or revocation, and increases to your car insurance premiums. Working with lawyers who have experience navigating traffic court and understand the options available in your situation will go a long way in protecting your driving privileges.

Guiding You Through The Process

We will walk you through the process of getting your license back. We can also represent you at license restoration hearings and help you apply for expungement to keep your record clean.

We know how difficult and frustrating this process is. We are here to help you by explaining your options, answering your questions and providing quality legal advice. We will appear in court on your behalf in most cases, and you can trust that we will diligently prepare your case to find the best possible resolution.

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You should have a traffic violations attorney on your side to protect your driving privileges and future. Call our law firm at 910-325-2234 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.